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Author:  Jennifer Fales

Paperback, 298 pages

Published in 2014 by Outskirts Press

Genres:  New Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Synopsis:  In the sequel to the award-winning novella Shadows and Fire, the tale of a future where humans and human/animal hybrids known as Supernaturals exist in separate societies continues. Adult twins Lilith and Laydon, the product of a violent act that bridges both worlds, each struggle to find their own identity, one leading to darkness and one into light, as they develop their powers deep in the shadowy world of the domes. Meanwhile the threat of war looms on the horizon. Lilith and Augustin, the retired warrior priest she considers a father, find the house they have aligned themselves with faces a critical threat to its voice and power. Lilith, the Dragon House, and its allies are set on a dangerous race against the clock to unravel the truth behind jealousy, lies and blackmail before it’s too late.

My Review:  Having enjoyed the first book, it was just a teaser for what was to come.  Sleight of Hand does not fall short on storyline or character development.  Fales yet again impresses with her ability to create a fantastical world where the collision of human and beast reside.  There are several story lines in this book, but the underlying story of twins Laydon and Lilith is pervasive throughout.  Lilith must choose whether to use her powers for good or evil while helping put a stop to The Hunt.

Action packed and full of generous detail, this book is perfect for the science fiction lover/fantasy lover.  My only caution would be not to put this book down for any length of time.  I found myself having to refer to the glossary more often than I would like when there was a gap in my reading time. If you are a fast reader, this should not be a problem for you and I wouldn’t consider it a bad point necessarily.

Book #3 promises to be better yet!

Disclaimer:  I received this book from the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.