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savior coverAuthor:  Anthony Caplan

eBook, 308 pages

Published in 2014 by Harvard Square Editions

Genres:  New Adult, Dystopian

Synopsis:  A father and son stumble into the secret world of the Santos Muertos, a crime cartel bent on global domination. The son must find his father and keep the secret of the ancient Mayan code underlying the creation of matter in the universe from falling into the wrong hands.

A story of sacrifice and love.

My Review:  This book has plenty of potential, however I have a few issues with it.

One.  Underdevelopment of the characters.  Let’s start with the teenage boy, Ricky.  I know that this is an alternate future, but I find it hard to believe that a teenager could go through the events in this book, both caused by him and thrust upon him with such calm.  There were no inner struggle or freak out moments which would have been completely warranted.  We get a little luckier with the father, Al.  He has plenty of moments of struggle and reflection which make him slightly easier to relate to and connect with.

Two.  Story development.  The story/idea itself is not a bad one, but it felt like a little more care could have been taken to explain some of the more technical aspects.  I didn’t understand some of what was being discussed and felt myself “checking-out” at times.  Also, the Spanish being spoken was sometimes easy to get, but at other times went completely over my head.

Three (and last, I promise).  The dialogue.  Clunky at best, this goes along with the character development issue for me.  The conversations were short and awkward.  Most of them just didn’t feel like real conversations.  The lack of quotation marks took a little getting used to, but was not the main issue here.

Overall not a bad book, but definitely in need of more development for me.  Maybe a good proofreader would help to work these things out prior to publishing.

Disclaimer:  I received this book from the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


Friday Finds is a weekly event hosted by Should Be Reading, where you can discuss books that you’ve discovered over the course of the week and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list. They can be books that are new or used.  They can be ones that you’ve borrowed (library or friend), found online, heard about from a friend, etc.

Miz B is taking the week off from posting to spend time with family for the holidays, but I wanted to share my finds with you anyway!  Check out these books that are on their way to me. Omniverse is by indie author Liam Parker and Savior is by former indie author Anthony Caplan.  Both look very promising!


Synopsis:  What if you were haunted by strange and terrible dreams in the night? But what if they were not dreams, but preludes of the truth? What if you met the woman of your dreams in a nightmare? What if you learned that you were doomed to a terrible destiny, and that there was nothing that you could do to escape it? This is the fate that befalls Jack Thornton, a former Marine lieutenant who served with the famed “Walking Dead” in Vietnam and who is now a lawyer in San Francisco. His quiet, ordered life begins to unravel, however, when his nightmares begin to shape his waking hours. The grim images that haunt Jack’s sleep are not of Vietnam, but of things and beings not of this earth. Foremost among them is an adversary older than time and evil beyond imagining: the Yarvaak Golu, The-God-Who-Waits. Jack comes to realize that he is something far more than human. He is a Hero, an undying servant of the Absolute, doomed to an endless cycle of violent death and rebirth. Jack Thornton finally accepts not only what he is, but that his very soul and our world are in more than merely mortal danger. Jack’s journey of discovery leads him down a dangerous and uncharted path to a deadly meeting with his eternal enemy, Heinrich Kuhl; who, like Jack, is also more than merely human. Kuhl is a Servant of Death: a willing pawn of far greater and vastly more malevolent entities than himself. But Jack Thornton will find friends as well as enemies. He will meet the hauntingly beautiful Aiyanna, whom he encounters in a terrifying dream; and Brighid, the fiery red-haired goddess who loved him in a far-off time and place where he bore a storied name. He will also meet Sean Plunkett, once a feared IRA gunman and soldier of fortune, and now his guide on the Way of the Hero. This then, is the beginning of Jack Thornton’s tale, the first book of The Omniverse Chronicles.


Synopsis:  Al and Ricky, father and son, plan a surfing getaway in Guatemala, the perfect place to bond and reconnect after the death of Mary, the woman who held their lives together. But the Santos Muertos are taking over Guatemala, and when the gang discovers that Ricky has the Chocomal, the Mayan tablet which carries the secret code they need to take over the world with their fearsome Resonator, all hell breaks loose.

An unwilling hero, all-American teenager Ricky must find and rescue his father and in the process save us all from utter destruction. Will he learn how to be a real man along the way?

Ricky’s journey takes him across an America rife with dysfunction and unspoken terrors, evading the US military, methamphetamine dealing motorcycle gangs and marijuana growing hippie communes until he finds the Santos Muertos in their underground compound, where Al has managed to stay alive. The Santos Muertos are not just any old criminal gang, however. Followers of the goddess Santa Muerte, they are modeled on the cult of the same name which exists today in parts of northern Mexico and the southwestern US, and they fully intend to sacrifice father and son in a ritualistic reenactment of ancient Mesoamerican religious practices, before starting the Resonator’s cataclysmic horror.