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Author:  Michael Phillip Cash

Paperback, 389 pages

Published in 2014 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Genres:  New Adult, Paranormal Fantasy

Synopsis: Julie and Brad Evans are house flippers. They buy low, clean out the old occupants’ junk, and try to make a profit. Enter Hemmings House on Bedlam Street in scenic Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. Too good a deal to pass up, but with an ominous secret. The old Victorian Mansion has dwellers that do not want to be dispossessed. As the house reveals it’s past, will the couple’s marriage survive The Flip?

My Review:  I am very conflicted about this book.   I enjoy Cash’s books, however can’t help but feel that this one was lacking the punch that he usually delivers.  Maybe I was expecting to hear and see things in my own home which usually happens after watching a scary movie or reading a horror/paranormal novel.  It just didn’t happen here.  While the writing is great as usual, I felt that the way this book ended took the easy way out.  I was gearing up for an epic battle with the medium and the spirits that never materialized (no pun intended).  The spirits moved on and we are left wondering who the Sentinels are.  The main characters Julie and Brad live happily ever after which is great, but felt that all of the conflict that occurred in the book just dissipated.  Hence my conflicted feelings.

Like I said, Cash is a great writer, there is nothing inherently wrong with this book, it just didn’t live up to what I thought it would be.

Disclaimer:  I received this book from the author free of charge in exchange for an honest review.