Friday Finds – February 7, 2014

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Friday Finds
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Friday Finds is a weekly event hosted by Should Be Reading, where you can discuss books that you’ve discovered over the course of the week and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list. They can be books that are new or used.  They can be ones that you’ve borrowed (library or friend), found online, heard about from a friend, etc.

Check out my finds this week.  Again all very different.  The Well will require a box of tissue!


Synopsis:  Welcome to the near future, where law enforcement has evolved. Attorneys are judge, jury and executioner in one. Police officers are free to investigate, interrogate and apprehend at will. Working together in pairs, they are called Lawgivers. Like all attorneys, Sarah Jordan delivers justice with a katana blade. Moderate offenses result in the telltale scar of a Lawgiver sword through the palm. More serious crimes end with a blade through the heart. When a young girl stumbles into their office after witnessing her father’s murder, Sarah and her cop partner Robert seek the murderer but soon find they’re on the trail of a vast conspiracy revolving around a new drug that vaccinates against all genetic diseases. Going up against its creator, Integrated Life Sciences, would be the case of a lifetime. But against ILS and its shadowy backers, even the law offers little protection.


Synopsis:  The Gallician frigate had come out of the fog from windward, and had fired its first devastating broadside into the Tritonish frigate from near point blank range. They paralleled each other, mere yards apart, and made no effort to alter course or maneuver for an advantage. With more sail set now, the schooner forged ahead and rapidly closed with the frigates. “Ready the port battery!” “Aye aye, sir!” “Helm, steer as to pass between them!” “Aye aye, sir!” “Sure madness, Edward!” warned Hotchkiss. “But a method to it, Isaac! When I give word, we must put into the wind, and as our guns bear, concentrate fire on the Toad’s starboard quarter. Let us then fall off the wind and repeat with the starboard battery.” “Aye!” Hotchkiss nodded with understanding. Fully awake and alert, his senses at their sharpest, Pierce watched the battling frigates grow larger. The damp night air whipped past mingled with spray thrown up by Island Expedition’s hurried dash through the sea. Despite the apprehension in his gut, Pierce felt alive. Sailing Home From Another World Master and Commander Edward Pierce, captain of HMS Island Expedition, languishes with his ship and crew in a world both very like and unlike his own. A voyage of exploration has led him further afield than he would ever have imagined possible. As he works to convince the Tritonish Government that he is not a rebel pirate, Pierce is offered a unique opportunity to claim citizenship in this parallel world…but in doing so, will he breach his loyalty to King George III? Not knowing whether he will be able to sail back to England, Pierce navigates the uncertain course of diplomacy that allows Stone Island to become a official Land of Vespica…and allows him to be released to sail for home. But the voyage there is fraught with peril, and his welcome is uncertain. What will the Admiralty make of his incredible tale? And will Evangeline, his heart’s joy, still be waiting for him?


Synopsis:  Grace is dying. Everybody says so. Or is she? She finds herself at a sparkling portal of neon lights in the midst of her mental blizzard. She is seventy-six going on twenty-six, a comatose farm woman in a nursing home who is about to embark on the adventure of her life as a “transcendental traveler.” Following her mother’s voice singing an old hymn, Grace passes through the portal into a place both familiar and unknown. A place where she can devise and fashion a world of her choosing, call up whomever she wants to see, and even merge her own thoughts with those of others. A place she has known all her life, and where she has only just arrived: her beloved kitchen. Oh, it all looks familiar enough. But instead of her homestead, with the livestock pens, the beehives, her personal garden, the barn, the creek and the fields, the kitchen is surrounded by a place where she becomes younger, not older; more vital, not weaker. She names this place Possibilities. Her family wants to believe she will regain consciousness, and she does her best to communicate with them by means of an “evil” well, which offers no reflection from the water’s surface. But although she can hear their voices from the well, they can’t hear hers. In fact, anything that goes into the well from Grace’s side just disappears without a trace. Her attempts to advise, to help, or even just to converse with anyone are futile. So despite her new found freedom and abilities in Possibilities, what Grace wants most badly remains impossible. The well seems to mock and taunt her, as her family’s voices ring achingly near, but maddeningly distant. She is drawn to it, and repulsed by it, all at the same time. She makes the best of things by expanding her new horizons and setting out on new adventures. But even the best of fun times has a downside. Grace is very lonesome for her “kinfolk” and her friends. And they are very lonesome for her. The Grace they see is wasting away in a nursing home bed.


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