Friday Finds – January 17, 2014

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Friday Finds
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Friday Finds is a weekly event hosted by Should Be Reading, where you can discuss books that you’ve discovered over the course of the week and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list. They can be books that are new or used.  They can be ones that you’ve borrowed (library or friend), found online, heard about from a friend, etc.

This week I am sharing books that have come in the mail recently for review.  They all look very promising!


Synopsis:  When Beanie volunteers to foster a homeless basset hound from Lakeside Animal Shelter, she’s headed for calamity one way or another. Beanie and Cruiser are on the crime trail once again after a reviled shelter manager is discovered euthanized. Tahoe Animal Impoundment Liberation Society (TAILS) is a prime suspect in her murder, but there are plenty of other suspects among South Lake Tahoe’s irate dog lovers, including the grieving owner of Gilda, an ill-fated basset rumored to haunt the shelter.

If Beanie doesn’t have enough trouble unleashed on her with another murder to solve and daughter Nona’s health scare, foster dog Calamity is living up to her name, creating havoc at the MacBean house. With all her behavioral issues, this crazy hound could make a dog whisperer scream. Beanie is eager to find an adopter for Calamity at the upcoming Basset Waddle fundraiser for a new no-kill animal shelter, but Calamity has other ideas.

When TAILS crashes the Waddle rally and parade, chaos ensues. After Cruiser mysteriously vanishes during the mêlée, Beanie discovers he’s being held at the shelter and could be destroyed. Racing to Cruiser’s rescue, she stumbles into a deadly trap intended to put an end to the murder investigation along with Beanie and her crime-busting canine. When it looks like all may be lost, Cruiser and Calamity are “braced” for murder as they pair up to track the killer and save Beanie from a cruel death at the dog pound.


Synopsis:  In a world where predators rule, war is always at the doorstep and wolves flirt like nobody’s business, Lilith has a vision linking her to a desperate suicide bombing. The bomber’s cryptic message, spoken in a dead language, holds the key to Lilith’s unpredictable powers. When she learns the incident also ties to the blackmail of the powerful house she is aligned with, Lilith and her quirky band of allies must navigate a maze of lies, gadgets and danger to uncover the truths behind a horrible secret and the bomber’s ultimate riddle. A pack of unruly dogs, a slippery well-heeled night club owner and Lilith’s psychotic twin won’t make it easy on them along the way.


Synopsis:  Rusted Rails, based in 1928, resurrects the now abandoned coal-mining town of Wilder, Tennessee. Life in these towns held little promise for the future. One family, that of David and Jenny Hughes, sought to keep their son out of the mines. Their plan was, however, jeopardized by David’s untimely death and by Jenny’s discovery that she was carrying her late husband’s unborn child.

With few options, Jenny chose abortion, an unfortunate choice as the procedure was botched and she was abducted by the abortionists attempting to hide their criminal enterprise. And so begins a gritty, hard-hitting story that tells of Jenny’s rescue from the dire consequences of her decision. Her rescuers include a courageous newspaper reporter and his colleagues aided by a fledgling FBI and some Great War veterans. Their efforts were complicated by the well-meaning interference by Rose, a local prostitute who had inadvertently endangered Jenny by introducing her to the abortion ring. Jenny’s rescue involves a multi-state car chase culmination in a violent shoot out.

  1. DogsMom says:

    Well you know I have to track down the S.O.Wright book!
    My finds this week are author new release online parties. I posted about a few. Please visit, join and bring friends!

  2. I like these covers – especially the one with the basset’s (So adorable.) and I might have to look into Sleight of Hand. Here’s my finds:

  3. Rusted Rails sounds as though it may be a bit of an emotional wringer what with the initial choice and then a car chase 😉 Happy reading!

  4. MidnightPageTurners says:

    Sleight of hand does look good! and the cover is gorgeous.

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