Friday Finds – November 29, 2013

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Friday Finds is a weekly event hosted by Should Be Reading, where you can discuss books that you’ve discovered over the course of the week and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list. They can be books that are new or used.  They can be ones that you’ve borrowed (library or friend), found online, heard about from a friend, etc.

Check out these books that have made their way to me. They are all indie books and they look great!


Synopsis:  The power of surveillance runs amok in a gripping new action/adventure thiller about paranoia, privilege and prying. Deadly Provocation: A Year of Domestic Surveillance is the debut novel from author T.F. Coleman, whose expertise in computer programming, data mining and data warehousing inform this compelling tale of intrigue.

When Jake Conley thwarts a deranged gunman at an L.A. theater, he finds himself thrust into the spotlight. Drawn by his sudden fame, a private surveillance consulting company recruits him as a public relations asset and field consultant to advise in the field of data mining, hidden cameras and drones. Jake is immersed in a world of intrigue, power and paranoia … and romance.

But all is not as it seems. Jake finds himself wrapped up with the beautiful Medalia Mendoza, daughter of one of the company’s biggest investors, and a woman whose mother went missing five years ago. Questions swirl about the company’s integrity and Conley’s own role in it, until he is faced with life-and-death decisions that affect everyone involved.


Synopsis:  The Atlantian Chronicles: Atlantis Rising is the first in a series of tales about the lost island of Atlantis, beginning with the sudden resurfacing of the fabled city. The fiction by author Gary English is published by Outskirts Press.

English’s story begins with the sudden, startling re-emergence of the lost city of Atlantis and its people, who find themselves thrust into a strange, new world. The people of Atlantis launch a political dilemma when they kidnap the crew of an ocean oil rig in an attempt to get answers about this world in which they’ve been reborn.

When a special envoy goes to the island to negotiate the captive’s release, they discover the Atlantians hold the key to numerous medical and scientific advances, which the Atlantians solve in record time. Through the chance meeting and sexual encounter of two mismatched individuals, with slight genetic differences, a champion is born – the one who will launch the Atlantians into space in search of a new home. The Atlantians gain worldwide respect and recognition, but eventually find their people embroiled in world politics – and perched on the brink of extinction.


Synopsis:  While medical students suspect that every headache is a brain tumor and that every chest pain is a heart attack, experienced physicians know diseases along a spectrum of horror—the ones they dread the most. Among these are cancer, Alzheimer’s, stroke, diabetes, and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). As the list continues, we come upon locked-in syndrome, a neurologic disease where a victim is awake and alert, but cannot move or communicate due to paralysis of all voluntary muscles in the body except for the eyes.

In Trapped, a Brier Hospital Series novel by Lawrence W. Gold, M.D., the reader enters the neonatal and the adult intensive care units. Medical fiction works, not only due to its intrinsic drama, but also because of the crucial ethical issues that arise, especially in intensive care.

Lisa Cooke is the product of a passive mother and an abusive father. She finds her way into pediatric nursing, a world filled with men in control, especially the director of the Neonatal ICU, Mike Cooper. Mike reminds Lisa of her father, so it’s no surprise that they don’t get along. Ultimately, they fall in love and have a fulfilling marriage except that she’s unable to have children. They try everything, but fail.

When an automobile accident severely injures Mike, Lisa is devastated. Shortly afterward, she discovers that she’s pregnant. Mike’s injuries are life threatening, and he nearly dies on several occasions. Mike suffers from locked-in syndrome and his survival is constantly in jeopardy, as is Lisa’s pregnancy. Will he/she/they survive?

  1. Interesting choices. I love stories about Atlantis. Happy reading. Here is my FF

  2. Trapped sounds really good 🙂

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