Friday Finds – November 22, 2013

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Friday Finds
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Friday Finds is a weekly event hosted by Should Be Reading, where you can discuss books that you’ve discovered over the course of the week and added to your To Be Read (TBR) list. They can be books that are new or used.  They can be ones that you’ve borrowed (library or friend), found online, heard about from a friend, etc.

Check out these books that have made their way to me.  They both look great!


Synopsis:  “Let me tell you what I’m willin’ to do for you. We start a new gang. Very exclusive. You and me.”

Times have changed since Jim Stevens chose to teach. Protocol designed to protect children now makes all pupil/teacher relationships taboo – even those that might benefit a student.

“Promise me one thing, Sir. If you decide you gotta pick up that phone, you tell me first so that I can disappear myself. Because I ain’t havin’ none of that.”

What kind of boy would cause Jim to risk his career? A boy who can clothe a word in sarcasm; disguise disdain with respect. So what is it that Jim finds he has in common with 14-year-old Shamayal Thomas as they study a large framed photograph of an owl? Aimee White’s owl, to be specific.

“The wings, all spread out and that? They’re kind of like an angel’s.”

A rule-keeper, Ayisha Emmanuelle believes the best way to avoid trouble is by walking away. But, arriving on the scene of what appears to be a playground fight, that isn’t an option. To her horror she finds her colleague Jim Stevens has been stabbed. In the messy aftermath, when Shamayal discloses that he and Jim are friends, Ayisha’s first duty is to report her colleague. But, not knowing if he will pull through, something makes her hesitate. Now, all she can do is wait to see if her instinct was justified.


Synopsis:  Why wave your “white flag” and surrender to life’s adversities? You may actually be stronger than you realize and conquer life VICTORIOUSLY finding TRUE LOVE along the way!

Laura Fields is the loving mother of two sons, Alex and Max, one of which has a handicapping condition. Laura relives extraordinarily happy times in her life such as falling in love, marriage, and the births of her two sons. She also reminisces on devastatingly heartbreaking family secrets she has so desperately aimed to protect her young sons from becoming aware. Laura realizes that she must find a way to explain the hardships of her life to her sons, and chooses to write her son Max a letter. Within this heart-centered letter, Laura encloses a special “treasure” for her sons. Max must read further into the letter to understand the “true meaning” of the so-called “treasure.” Laura strives to answer many questions Max has asked over his childhood years. Through Laura’s explanation of life’s ups and downs to her son, she aims to instill the realization even though life may not turn out exactly how YOU PLANNED, does not mean that it may not turn out even BETTER! With GOD’S AMAZING GRACE, along with the LOVE of a COWBOY by the name of Ryder, all of Laura’s prayers and wishes come true for herself but even more importantly for her two hearts, Alex and Max!

  1. Great choice A Funeral for an Owl is a superb read 🙂

  2. Those two books sounds like great reads 😀 hope you have a great week!

    Btw, are you interested in joining Dreamy December Days Readathon? It’ll be fun and there will be lots of prizes!

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