W.W.W. Wednesdays is a weekly event brought to you by MizB from Should Be Reading.  To play along, answer the following questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you are going to read next?

Wow.  I can’t believe that October is almost at an end.  It feels like fall outside and I am loving it.  Perfect time to grab your read and a cup of tea.  Enjoy!  Here is my WWW for today:

What are you currently reading?  I am reading Upload by Mark McClelland.  So far it’s really good.  Check it out:


Synopsis:  His criminal past catching up with him, a troubled young man seeks escape into digital utopia by uploading his consciousness into a computer – just as first love casts his life in a new light.  In this thrilling near-future science-fiction novel, Mark McClelland explores the immense potential of computer-based consciousness and the philosophical perils of simulated society.

What did you recently finish reading?  I just finished reading Marcel Proust in Taos by Jon Foyt and The Hanging Tree by Michael Phillip Cash.  See my review of The Hanging Tree here.  I am waiting for interview question responses from Jon Foyt before I post my review for Marcel Proust in Taos, so stay tuned.


What do you think you are going to read next?   I am going to read Intermission by Glenda Lee Vollmecke.  It’s a pretty short read so hoping to read The Coach’s Son by Jeffrey Hickey right after.  Check them out below:


Synopsis:  Who would have thought that a young girl like Glen born in the aftermath of WWII, whose family lived on a fixed income would be present at Rock-n-Roll’s most memorable events when the Beatles took Liverpool and the world, by storm. Glen who at seven years old lost her adored father, and adapted to boarders taken in to help with the bills. Subsequently, she endured the selfish antics of her stepfather who even tried to dispatch her to Scotland at the age of eight, by placing her on the wrong train.

Amazing vivid descriptions of this era, her associations with the Beatles and other Liverpool musicians bring to life an incredible period. The Liverpool lads knew she was there, and during their initial appearances, she recalls fond memories of her favorite Beatle Ringo, who was quite a clown. She shares her life from age six until sixteen, and it is an overwhelming journey. You will not put this book down! Take a break, and enjoy this ‘place in time’ and feel the ambiance, familiarity, and awareness of the past.


From Goodreads:  Have you ever felt that your presence at a sporting event influenced the result? Are you certain your team could not possibly succeed without you at the game? Do you believe your adherence to a precise routine on game day, whether at the stadium or in your own home, is the key to winning or losing? And if you don’t hold to these rituals exactly, do you believe in your heart that your team is doomed? If you are a sports fan, you know about superstitions, curses and hexes. The sporting world is littered with these legends. Some, like the Curse of the Bambino, the Curse of the Billy Goat, or being on the cover of Sports Illustrated, are well known and documented. More recently, there has been a rising swell of evidence supporting the Madden Curse. But there are other stories similar to these that have never been told. This is one of those stories. It is the story of a boy named Mark O’Bern.

Tell me about your WWW’s!

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  1. lipsyy says:

    Can’t wait for your thoughts on Upload. It sounds so crazy! I just posted here: http://lipsyy.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/www-wednesday-30102013/

  2. I am eager for your final take on Upload. I liked the teaser yesterday. My WP Blog and Blogger

  3. Elizabeth says:

    THE HANGING TREE and TAOS look very good.

    ENJOY your reads.

    If you want to stop by my blog for a book giveaway, please find the post titled: GUESS THE AUTHOR. It is a fun post.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My W…W…W…

  4. bibliobeth says:

    Ooh, Upload looks GOOD! Hope you enjoy. Here’s my WWW http://wp.me/p32hC2-r1

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