Review: Peak

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Reviews, Young Adult
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Author:  Roland Smith

Hardback,  246 pages

Published in 2007 by Harcourt Books

Reader Category:  Young Adult

From the Publisher: When fourteen-year-old Peak Marcello’s long-lost father presents the opportunity for them to summit Everest together, Peak doesn’t even consider saying no – even though he suspects there are a few strings attached.  And if he makes it to the top before his birthday, he’ll be the youngest person ever to stand above 29,000 feet.  It’s not a bad turn of events for a guy who’s been stuck in New York City with only skyscrapers to (illegally) scale.

Here, in Peak’s own words, is the exhilarating, gut-wrenching story of what happened on that climb to the top of the world – a climb that changed everything.  Welcome to Mount Everest.

My Review:  This book provides a look at the danger and excitement of climbing the highest mountain in the world.  Peak is caught climbing and tagging a skyscraper in New York City and in order to avoid jail time, is sent to Thailand to live with his absentee father.  As this happens during the school year, Peak is compelled to write about his experiences in order to complete the year.  Written from his perspective, the reader is not only given an account of the difficult climb, but the commercialization of the mountain that exists for those wishing to traverse it.

Roland Smith has written a novel that pulled me in and made me feel like I was up on that mountain, struggling for each breath right along with Peak.  It also taught me a lot about climbing!  Written with enough information for the non-climber to understand what is happening, but at the same time well researched, allowing it to be believable to the experienced climber.

This was a great read filled with adventure.  I would recommend it to any lover of Young Adult fiction.


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