Shine On Award!

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Book Review


I woke up this morning to find that Cleo at Cleopatra Loves Books had nominated me for the Shine On Award!  So my first order of business is to thank her for her support.  I have enjoyed getting to know her and feel very honored that she thought of me!

Here are the rules of the award:
1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog, and link back.
3. Share seven random, interesting things about yourself.
4. Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.

Now I need to tell you seven interesting things about myself.  Not sure I am all that interesting, but here goes:

1.  According to my son I have “mad skills” at video games.  Yes, I know, I am an adult and have better things to do!  But seriously, he is right.  I enjoy playing a myriad of games with him.  Our current new favorite is Rayman Legends and it is a blast.

2.  I am a serious creature of habit.  It is so bad that when I get behind the wheel of a car, if we are heading in the general direction of an often visited location, I will just go directly there.  My husband often says, “Um, where are you going?”

3.  I have a serious book addiction (I know, big surprise).  At last count, I have over 100 that I have not read.  I should not be allowed in bookstores or the local library sales.

4.  I secretly have two other blogs (not book related).  They are not ready for reveal, but I may share them when they are!

5.  My career desire is to own my own bookstore.  However, with the large online booksellers and even the large brick and mortar bookstore near the mall, the chances of any success is slim.  I got the chance to talk to a local used bookstore owner and she told me, “Unless you win the lottery, don’t do it.  It doesn’t pay for itself.”  Sigh.

6.  I work for a large software/hardware company but have little technical skills when it comes to computers.  I am often teased about my lack of ability by my friends.

7.  My family has three cars and they are all of the Honda variety.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Now that you know a little bit about me it is time to reveal my 15 picks for the Shine On Award.  I know that some bloggers don’t necessarily like awards (either getting them or giving them), but I think it is a great way to acknowledge fellow bloggers and give them more exposure to people who may not have had the pleasure of discovering them yet.  So here they are:

Toni at One Chocolate Box

Chrissi at Chrissi Reads

Mary at Bookhounds

Kimberly at fantasy is more fun

Andrea at Review Books and More

Barbara Ann at Sun Mountain Reviews

Mercilo at Stories by Mercilo Daviss

Ryder at Ryder Islington’s Blog

Katie at Doing Dewey

Adam at Frankly, Mr. Shankly

Candice at The Grown-Up YA

Lipsy at Lipsyy Lost & Found

Udita at BookMark

Elka at Book Wilde

Rose at Insights into the Wonderful World of Books

Thanks again to Cleo for nominating me!  I hope that you visit the above sites and discover new blogs and friends to share your thoughts with!


  1. cleopatra says:

    So you’ve good at video games? Fab post thanks for the acknowledgement 🙂

  2. […] I have been nominated, by Deanna at The Book Lover’s Attic for the Shine On Award! Thank you […]

  3. Barbara Ann says:


    Thank you so much for considering me for the Shine on Award. What a wonderful surprise! I always enjoy stopping by to see what you’ve been reading and appreciate this chance to get to know a bit more about you. I too dream of having a book store, but like you know that I’d never be able to support myself with it. It’s nice to imagine though 🙂

  4. toni d. says:

    Hi Deanna! Thank you soooo much for nominating me for the Shine On award! I’ll post mine up soon.

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  6. Berls says:

    HI Deanna! Thank you for the nomination!! It was a big surprise and I’ve just finished putting my post together 🙂 I love that your great at video games – I love RPGs, but I don’t allow myself to play them, they’re too addicting!

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  8. […] I stopped by Deanna’s blog earlier and left a happy “thank you” on her post for the Shine On Award. […]

  9. […] few days ago, Deanna from The Book Lover’s Attic nominated me for the Shine On award. People on Blogosphere are kind and it’s always touching […]

  10. […] I would like to give a very belated thank you to Deanna at The Book Lover’s Attic for thinking of me for the Shine On award. About a month ago, I was certain I would have this post […]

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