My Husband’s Sweethearts

Posted: July 17, 2013 in New Adult, Reviews
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Author: Bridget Asher

Paperback, 272 pages

Published in 2009 by Bantam

Reader Category: Older

From the Publisher:  When Lucy Shoreman discovered that her charming, cheating husband was dying, she came home, opened up his little black book, and decided she wasn’t going through this alone. After all, Artie’s sweethearts were there for the good times—is it fair that Lucy should have to manage the hard times herself? So she dials up the women and invites them for one last visit, never expecting any of them will actually show up. But when they do, along with a young man who may be Artie’s long-lost son, it’s only the first of many surprises in store.

Filled with heart, humor, and wisdom, Bridget Asher’s unforgettable novel turns a fresh eye on the joys and catastrophes of marriage, family, kindred friendships between women—and the sort of forgiveness that can change one’s entire life in the most unexpected and extraordinary ways.

My Review:  Although torn between her feelings of love and hate for her dying husband, Lucy forms friendships with each of his sweethearts.  She also gains insight into what has drawn him to each of the women along the way.  This is a fun read full of engaging characters.  I would consider this a great summer vacation read.


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