Gregor and the Marks of Secret (Book #4 of the Underland Chronicles)

Posted: July 7, 2013 in Children's, Reviews
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Author: Suzanne Collins

Paperback, 343 pages

Published in 2006 by Scholastic Inc.

Reader Category: Targeted to the younger reader, use judgement

AR Book Level 5.0

From the Publisher: Now with the third prophecy fulfilled, Gregor is drawn into a crisis.  For generations, rats have run the mice – or “nibblers” – out of whatever lands they’ve claimed, keeping them on the move.  But now the mice are disappearing, and the young queen Luxa is determined to find out why.

When Gregor joins her on a fact-finding mission, the true fate of the mice is revealed.  It is something far more sinister than Gregor or Luxa had imagined – and it points the way to the final prophecy he has yet to fulfill.  Will Gregor’s role as warrior and his abilities as a rager be put to the test?

My Review:  This book of the series brought the most tears to my eyes so far.  Each book to this point was equally moving, but something about small defenseless mice and the fate that they suffered here just got to me.  Gregor and Luxa show extraordinary courage in their quest for the justice.


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