Zac and the Dream Stealers

Posted: July 6, 2013 in Children's, Reviews
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zac and the dream stealers

Author: Ross MacKenzie

Paperback, 297 pages

Published in 2012 by Chicken House

Reader Category: Younger

AR Book Level:  4.7

From the Publisher:  Zac can’t sleep.  And neither can anyone else.  A bunch of bad dreams keeps robbing the whole wide-awake world of rest, and one night when the clock strikes twelve, Zac is torn from his own not-so-sweet slumber to be tossed-and-turned into a strange, surreal realm.  Nocturne, this land is called, and its frightening nightmares are a sign that a nasty band of dream stealers is seizing control.  Zac won’t rest – he can’t rest – until he finds a way to stop these silver-masked “insomniacs” and take back the night!  If he doesn’t, you might never sleep again.

My Review:  This is a fun, engaging book perfect for the primary grade reader.  Packed with fun characters and plenty of adventure to hold a young reader’s attention.  Zac is a boy with a grandmother who is definitely on the super-secret cool side of insomniac fighters! Read along while he, Granny, Tom and Tilly race to help the Knights of Nod banish evil for good!

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